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Ichimoku Advanced Japanese Techniques

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The Ichimoku Advanced Japanese Techniques video course is a course that will take you beyond the basic signals of Ichimoku. Not many Ichimoku traders in the Western civilization are familiar with the techniques this course will teach you. Get prepared to learn the Three Pillars of Ichimoku which are the Price Theory, Time Theory & Wave Theory. Japanese traders who trade Ichimoku will tell you that the most important aspect is the Time Theory. All this time you have been looking at the basic crossovers and breakout provided by the system! Well get prepared to learn aspects of Ichimoku that will totally blow your mind! You will not find this stuff on the internet!

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    hes a great teacher

    carl is a great teacher and goes out of his way to help others, but ive found this particular training creates too much confusion for me. Perhaps i need to watch for a third or even fourth time to fully appreciate it.

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    The ichimoku time theory video is an extraordinary teaching video taught by an exceptional teacher who has great insight and knowledge of the advanced ichimoku concepts. Sensei Carl is able to take the
    advanced concepts, break them down, and turn them into strategies that you can easily integrate into your trading. Overall, a fantastic teaching video I’ve ever watch.

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    The content in this course is mind blowing. Before finding this site I used to spend hours searching YouTube but I have never seen anything like this until now.

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    This is very well presented and easy to understand. Great course.

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    Simple, and easy to understand.

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