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High Probability Price Action Video Course

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The High Probability Price Action video course is designed to help you to understand the language of the market. What good is it if the market is telling you one thing but you do another? Well believe it or not but many of us do exactly that. The market will be saying bearish but we will go long and then wonder why we lost our trade. Learning a new language takes time  and you must learn to listen before you can speak. Every language sounds strange the first time you hear it, but the more you expose yourself to it the more familiar it becomes, and the easier it is to speak it properly. This is also true with the market language and I am going to teach you how to listen and read the markets to help you to better understand where, when and why you should or should not be entering a trade.

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    Fantastic explanation

    When I first signed up for this course, I thought that the only thing Carl can teach us in forex is just Ichimoku. However, I am dead wrong. Carl has a very solid and insightful understanding of price action patterns and trading. Meanwhile, I have always equate resistance to supply zone and support to demand zone but there is a distinct difference between the two. Through the use of demand and supply zone, it allows me to enter the trade at a good level.

    I am very impressed with the imparted knowledge. The introduction of quizzes and ample examples allow me to integrate the knowledge into my live trading. I look forward to the next video!

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    What a Great Course this was

    I took this course a few weeks back and can’t even beguin to explain how much it has help’d my trading and how I look and approach the market at S&R levels .Great course delivered brilliantly by Carl in a way that you will really understand .Excellent

  3. Profile photo of jasper VAN DER GAAG

    very good baseline for successful trading.

    I knew most concepts but still got many new things out of this in how to set up entry points once an opportunity has been defined and the application of supply and demand zones. I believe the strength lies in the examples by walking through them on a chart.
    Note the sound quality in especially the last two videos are not always good, you may want to have a look at that but otherwise great course!

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    HPPA, Market Structure, S & R

    I cant emphasize on how beautifully you’ve covered all these topics with so much simplicity and on chart examples. I have always had double mind when looking at charts but these tutorials are not just amazing but very educational and informative.

    Just had a boost in my confidence, i bet i m going to be a better trader this point on…..

    Thanks Sensei…. god bless you

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